4th of July Safety Precautions In The News

4th of July Safety Precautions

Fireworks are usually the first thing most people think of when it comes to the Fourth of July, but there are other aspects to the holiday that merit precautions. Most summer season safety measures are worth bearing in mind on Independence Day. Depending on which specific activities comprise your festivities, the following are possible concerns:

  • During daylight hours, you’ll want to protect yourself from excess exposure to the sun. Wear sunscreen and a hat. 
  • Heatstroke and dehydration are other daylight concerns to keep in mind. Be sure to drink plenty of water and seek out shady areas if you feel overheated. 
  • If you host or attend a barbecue, beware of possible fire hazards and outdoor food spoilage. 
  • Depending on your location, you may need to wear insect repellent and be alert for bees or wasps. 
  • Use good judgment when swimming or boating. Be alert to water conditions, such as water depth and ocean currents. Make sure novice swimmers use flotation devices and children have chaperones. 
  • Wear protective gear for bicycling and other sports. 
  • Never hold lit fireworks in your hand. Leave fireworks to the professionals. 

Have a happy and safe 4th of July Weekend!