Get to know Our Team

Our team of skilled professionals utilize their vast experience and expertise in order to complete any job with quality, safety, and timeliness.

Adam Stashick President, Chief Executive Officer
Jim Daley Executive Vice President of Operations & Chief Diversity Officer
Anthony J. Marcucci Chief Financial Officer
Joe Crowley Vice President Health / Safety / Environmental
Chris Giamo Risk Management
Steve Abate Vice President of Mechanical Group
Jim Gallagher Senior Vice President of General Construction and Construction Management
Jon Schwerdtfeger HVAC Manager
Jim Demes VP of Exchanger & Rotating Equipment Groups
Harold "Chip" Logue Vice President, Tank Group
Mike Roach Manager of Electrical Group
Jim Thompson VP of Quality Assurance
Jason Morovich Vice President, Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
Jess Tennett Marketing and Diversity Manager
Colette Anthony Human Resources Manager

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“I’ve been in the trades for nearly 39 years and I’ve worked for many companies. Although I’m thankful to all of my past employers, there are two companies who stand out the most. However, JJ White is, no doubt, my favorite company”
– Duane J. Butler Sr. |