Mechanicsburg, PA 3M Medical Warehouse


The 3M Company urgently needed to convert an existing storage facility into a Medical Warehouse. JJ White Inc. was brought in to complete the general, mechanical, and electrical contracting services for the 440,000 square foot building.


Due to upcoming company plans, 3M needed to convert the facility in under 6 months.  The warehouse needed a new transformer, primary services, and a utility infrastructure for electrical services.


The project was placed on an urgent schedule, with accelerated project delivery requirements. JJ White also brought in a multi-discipline workforce to efficiently take on the varied tasks associated with the project. The multi-disciplinary crew allowed general, mechanical, and electrical work to be carried out simultaneously, helping to keep the project within 3M’s accelerated timeframe.


JJ White crews converted the warehouse in the record time of four months compared to similar projects taking between 12-18 months. The project was safely completed on-time and on-budget.