Philadelphia, PA Carpenters’ Hall ADA Ramp


JJ White was selected in a competitive bid process to perform the first exterior construction work on Carpenters’ Hall in over 100 years. The historic Hall continues to be used as an important meeting place after hosting the First Continental Congress in 1774. However, in order to continue as functional space, an ADA ramp became necessary.


The historical nature of the building made it imperative to use caution and care in order avoid damage. The site is also an active tourist destination located in the heart of Philadelphia’s Old City district and remained occupied during the construction process.


In order to minimize down time, the Spanish Cedar ramp was pre-fabricated off-site and transported to the Hall by JJ White crews. After prepping the outside of the Hall, it took just one day for our team to install the ramp and re-open the site to tourists.


Carpenters’ Hall now meets all ADA requirements and continues to be enjoyed as one of the main tourist attractions in Philadelphia. The building still serves an important role as a meeting place for the local Carpenters’ Company and Unions. This project was also used in our Labor Day 2016 feature which can be seen below: