Yeadon, PA Mt. Moriah Cemetery Naval Plot Flag Pole


Securing permits for work on a military burial ground is a long and arduous process. JJ White went through a long, thorough submittal and review process before work could be undertaken. The foundation for the previous flagpole also had to be removed, complicating the construction process.


After securing permits, a six man JJ White crew removed the extremely large foundation of the previous flagpole and built a new, more appropriately sized foundation in its place. Soon after that, the new flagpole was raised into position. The anchor statue next to the flagpole was also restored and landscaping beautified the area.


On November 12, 2016, the day after Veterans Day, a dedication took place to commemorate the hard work of those involved in the project, as well as the more than 2,500 brave veterans buried at the site. The flag pole continues to fly high over the men and women that fought to protect it at Mt. Moriah Cemetery.