Philadelphia, PA Temple OWLtech Store


The modern student and the laptop go hand-in-hand as Universities increasingly post assignments, announcements, and even hold classes online in greater numbers. In an effort to help students maintain their connection to the internet world, Temple University decided to build an on-campus computer store to serve its nearly 40,000 students. Since JJ White Inc. built Temple’s Computer Recycling Center, the company was brought back in to continue their good work.


University officials decided to put the store in Pearson-McGonigle Hall, a central campus location. The existing space housed an under-utilized, two-story rock wall that created logistical challenges for its removal. Pearson-McGonigle Hall also remained open for the duration of the construction process and students required access to the rest of the building. The high-traffic area also raised safety concerns.


Safety is the utmost concern for JJ White Inc., so the first order of business was to ensure the well-being of the crew and surrounding public regarding the rock wall demolition. Protective barriers were placed around the store with plastic drapes that extended to the ceiling. These protective measures kept demolition dust and debris inside the construction area, while crews were given proper Personal Protective Equipment for the demolition work. Containing the area also allowed for unimpeded traffic flow throughout the building.


Temple students now have a modern space in a central campus location to take care of their biggest tech needs. Putting the Computer Recycling Center and the OWLtech Computer store also made sense for the campus’ layout. The project was finished on-time, on-budget, and with zero OSHA recordables.