Philadelphia, PA Aramark Services


Aramark Services was founded in 1959 and serves as a food services, facilities, and uniform service provider to clients in various professional fields. JJ White was brought in to perform the HVAC work needed to upgrade the Aramark Tower Chilled Water Plant.


The heavy equipment has to be brought in through the side of the building during off-hours, causing the crew to have to work around the facility’s schedule to avoid any downtime.


JJ White’s Team coordinated with the client and developed a schedule of where and when they were able to bring the heavy equipment in. The team worked simultaneously on other areas of the project to ensure the project would be completed on-time without and downtime. City permits and detailed coordination were required for off-hours center-city street access and closure.


The project was safely completed on-time and on-budget. This facility is now fully-operational with a modern chiller plant system.