Philadelphia, PA Bakken Crude Project


JJ White was selected as the Mechanical Contractor for all five phases of the Bakken Crude Project, which included a new Pipe Line, Pumping Stations, and a new railroad system to receive and supply the refinery with Bakken Crude.


The main challenge for each phase of this project was schedule. Each phase had a very aggressive schedule, due to the financial impacts of buying and running the new Bakken Crude Oil.  The size of this project was massive and was made up of this following:

  • 40,536 LF of Various Size Pipe
  • 3,144 Welds of Various Sizes
  • 450 New Concrete Pipe Support Foundations
  • 1,500 New Pipe Supports
  • 6 New Vertical Pumps
  • 2 New Metering Skids
  • 2 MCC Buildings
  • 4 New Steel Pipe Bridges
  • 18,500 FT of Various Cable
  • 210 Terminations
  • 74 New LED Light Poles


JJ White developed an aggressive schedule and provided a skilled and experienced workforce to meet the demanding deadlines of the client. We developed daily coordination meetings with the client & other crafts to work through any issues and eliminate any road blocks. We also had bi-weekly executive meetings, which included the upper management of all contractors and clients, to ensure all parties understood the criticality of meeting each phase’s completion date.


JJ White completed each phase on-time with over 100,000 man-hours, an E/A of 1.0, and zero OSHA Recordables.