Marcus Hook, PA Deethanizer Unit Piping


JJ White was selected as the Mechanical Contractor for CB&I’s Deethanizer Unit for the new MARINER EAST I pipeline from Western Pennsylvania.


The available construction site was extremely small with limited access and multiple on-site contractors working together. The size and scope of this project was massive with statistics that include:

  • 25,664 lf of pipe
  • 142 distinct piping systems
  • 5836 welds of various sizes ranging from ½” to 36” pipe and diverse materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, and cryogenic materials


JJ White developed and maintained an aggressive schedule while providing a skilled, experienced workforce to accomplish the challenging work. Additionally, we assisted the client in overcoming numerous construction delays caused by contractors not affiliated with JJWhite. At the client’s request, we also provided assistance and support with equipment start-up and commissioning.


Client is now producing Ethane for its customers at peak performance and efficiency.