Eagle Point, NJ LSG Unit Relocation


JJ White was chosen to strategically remove and preserve the integrity of numerous pieces of equipment (piping, valves, heat exchangers, towers, 200ft heater, reactors, 80ft long pre-engineered building housing all controls and elec. equipment, etc.) from an inactive unit in one state and securely transport same to a new home for another customer in a neighboring state.


There was no electrical power available in the initiating unit.  Various pieces of equipment contained components which needed to be secured internally and externally for transport.  Due to the size and stature of various pieces of equipment, land transport was not an option in all instances. River transport presented additional DEP restoration regulations at barge load/unload sites.  River transport was governed by Mother Nature and tide cycles.


JJ White forces safely and securely performed the required dismantle scope in spite of the lack of any on-site electrical source by utilizing temporary generators, pneumatic torches, and all available battery-operated equipment. Great care and attention to detail was exercised in stabilizing and protecting all units and their interior components for transport.  All crane operations, rigging plans, river barge transport, etc. were carefully developed and executed by JJ White’s skilled craftspeople and supported by our experienced subcontractors with expertise in marine transport and construction.  All NJDEP environmental restoration mandates for barge loading areas were accomplished and approved.


Relocation and reset project successfully completed in a safe and efficient manner with ZERO first aids.