Various Locations Maintenance Contracts

Current Maintenance Contracts

  • BP Whiting
  • Braskem
  • DuPont
  • PBF Delaware City
  • PBF Paulsboro
  • PBF Toledo
  • Phillips 66 Bayway
  • Phillips 66 Wood River


  • JJ White performs various routine and emergency maintenance contract needs ranging from valves, piping, and equipment replacement as well as major machinery removal, overhaul, reconditioning, and replacement
  • JJ White maintenance activities involve civil, mechanical, electrical, tank, HVAC, and hydroblasting activities to allow clients to inspect, repair, and maintain their equipment in optimal operating condition
  • JJ White has the ability to maintain an onsite presence from 1-2,000 employees to any one site
  • JJ White’s in house Scheduling, Quality Control, Health/Safety/Environmental teams allow JJ White to address ongoing issues as well as helping clients get ahead of competitive pressures in their industries
  • Our unique strength of labor and owned equipment, as well as our maintenance relationships, give us access to excavation equipment, hydroexcavation equipment, cranes, welding machines, compressors, light stands, Conex boxes, and craft specific tools for boilermaker rigging, pipe fitter rigging, millwrights, and various other others. Our supply ranges from wrenches to pneumatic equipment, pipe threading machines, conduit vendors, as well as hand tools to be ready to supply the needs of hundreds of craftspeople on a moments notice.
  • JJ White’s fabrication shop also provides the capability to feed a construction or maintenance project’s piping with rapid production capability. Our fab shop can produce up to 4,000 diameter inches of fabricated pipe per week. This includes all specialty allows, stainless steel for Pharmaceutical applications, as well as carbon steel and plastic piping systems along with copper pipe.
  • JJ White’s maintenance strength centers around our proprietary 5 finger operating system, which measures on daily, weekly, and monthly basis: safety, quality, economy, and innovation barriers. We meet with our clients on a monthly basis to review our performance against KPIs to ensure that we are delivering success for our client
  • JJ White brings a unique combination of self performed disciplines utilizing national maintenance contract agreement forms including the GPA and the NMA to leverage our working conditions for stability and inherent savings along with predictable supply of highly skilled labor. JJ white benchmarks against national averages to deliver “best in class” performance with studies of “time on tools” to innovate flexibility in scheduled workshifts and job logistics leveraging our own in house Primavera scheduling and planning software.